My First Blogger Milestone – DSLR!


After months and months of research and endless visits to my local tech shops, I have finally pulled the trigger and purchased my first DSLR – I’ve reached it! My first blogger milestone! I am so excited about this purchase and cannot wait to start using it! As it’s my first camera, I wanted something that was quite compact but I also wanted the option of different lenses and a tilt screen. That’s why I opted for the Olympus Pen EPL-6 and I feel that it’s so perfect for blogging and vlogging!

I’m going to keep this post short and just tell you a few features of the camera that I looked into when buying the camera. As I haven’t used it much, I’m yet to form a full review but will definitely review this camera once I figure it out properly! As for now, I love it, and you guys can help me be the judge as most of my photos from now, will be taken with this camera 🙂

Some pics 🙂


IMG_6893 IMG_8268 IMG_2624

IMG_7407 IMG_7883


  • 3″ LCD tilt, touchscreen – tillable through 135 degrees and perfect for vlogging and selfies!
  • Small External Flash
  • 2 Zoom Lenses – 14-42mm and 40-150mm
  • 12 Art Filter Lenses
  • WiFi and GPS Compatible
  • 200 – 25600 ISO range provides the sensitivity you need for clear, dynamic shots in many lighting conditions
  • Price: £289 – got a bargain at PC World



It takes high quality photos with great focus and face recognition. Also really good for landscaping when on holiday and compact so super travel friendly. Do any of you guys have this camera or tried it out? How did you like it? 🙂

Sachita x


6 thoughts on “My First Blogger Milestone – DSLR!

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    • Ahh yes my decision was between the EPL6 and EPL7 but I really liked the black EPL6 – I love the camera! I think it’s amazing, especially as a first camera for me – it’s great quality and super travel-friendly! How are you finding your EPL7?


  2. I love it! Got it for a recent trip to Paris, as I wanted something that was travel friendly (i.e. I could carry it everywhere I went) but that didn’t compromise quality. This camera delivered all that in spades! Right now I am using the kit lens, but I am saving to get the 25mm f 1.8 because I love me a nice, bit aperture on a prime lens 🙂

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    • Ahh yes that’s why it’s so perfect! I’m going abroad next week and excited to try it out when traveling! Ahh okay my one came with the 14-42mm and then the 40-150mm – haven’t thought about getting any new lenses just yet, but I know Olympus has such a wide range!

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